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LEGO Metro MMZ 81-717.2M


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Metro train MMZ 81-717.2M

Hi Everyone, some of you may know me as I'm operating the BrickDesigner channel on YouTube, but I can introduce myself quickly: I'm a huge LEGO fan. That's why I often build, usually trains or some kind of buildings.

My first project here, this train, originally called the "swimming spider", is a metro train which used to run on the rails of the M3 Metro line in Budapest, Hungary. This is the first part only of the project, because this is only the control car, there are also extra cars, they create together a full metro train (using all together 6 cars).

I often use this metro line and travelling inspired me. I can spend hours trying to recreate real things using LEGO bricks and I think this is one of my best project ever.

Many people said: This looks amazing! - and as for me, I think it would be a very popular product, considering this train's popularity in real life. Who doesn't want to play with it?

Here are some parameters of this model:

Total bricks: 1 897 pieces

Total length: 76 bricks (60.8 cm)

Total width: 10 bricks (8 cm) +2×2 brick (rear-view mirrors, 2×1.6 cm)

Total height: 12 bricks (11.52 cm)

Representative fraction: 1:31.25

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