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BeeBot - The Honey Detecting Robot


BeeBot is a robot drone, - not to be confused with a bee drone (which exists by the way).
its not really a honey detecting robot, because flowers don't have honey, they do however have the needed ingredients for bees to make honey, which is nectar. so its technically a nectar detecting robot, but that sounds lame compared to honey detecting robot.

Its a mini 3 - legged remote controlled drone loaded with a ton of sensors, and have unique capabilities such as FPV and Short range telemetry, you can even set GPS waypoints on it if you like, and it will just follow the set route. It is also powered by a pot of honey, which is pretty sweet.

This bee drone can be used to detect the most nectar filled flowers in and around your lego city!

Set Includes:

  • A worker bee minifig
  • A crate half full of nectar bottles
  • Half a rock with flowers
  • BeeBot the Honey Detecting Robot
  • Control panel with deluxe swivel action!
  • A pot of honey


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