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Ninjago: The Giant Stone Warrior


The Idea

The Giant Stone Warrior is a special Stone Warrior discovered by Misako in the Ninjago TV show. It was most notably featured in the episode "The Stone Army". In this episode we see a huge, four-armed Stone Warrior fighting the Ninja in the museum.

I always wanted this Stone Warrior in a Lego set, but we never got him. Some years later I saw the Lego sets for "Captain America Civil War", that includet a giant version of Ant Man and I thought with a similar system I could build the Ninjago Stone Warrior.

I thinkt the Stone-Warrior would be a great addition to the Ninjago line and is a great set for fans of the TV show

Important Features:

  • The Stone Warrior looks like scaled up Lego minifigure
  • He can move his legs, turn his head  and has bendable arms on a ball-joint.
  • The Stone Warrior has four swords that can be removed or attached

The Minifigures:

I includet Misako and Lloyd as minifigures.

I chose Miskako because in the TV show Misako discoveres the Giant Stone Warrior and the Episode "The Stone Army" is her first apperance. Lloyd is the one Ninja who ultimately defeates this Stone Warrior, which is why I includet him in this project as well.


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