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Framed Art - Early Spring in Shanghai

Magnolia trees typically bloom later March to early April in Shanghai. I scouted around the city for the trees, and captured precious moments of beautiful flowers and ambient street activities. I would love to share with you one of my favorite scenes, in the form of LEGO Framed Art.

Dimension of the canvas is 36 x 24 studs. Unlike the flat and pixelized LEGO Art sets, I use mostly layered plates and tiles with various shapes to give the brick painting perspective and depth. I also use colors of slightly different shading values (e.g. black & light/dark gray, tan & dark tan) to imply a realistic lighting condition.

These techniques offer richer visual effects than a simple layout of dots. The new visual possibilities would then bring LEGO Art to the next level. That's why I find this design potentially a good LEGO set.

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