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Classical Architecture Wall Frame


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It is my 7th Lego Ideas made it last night after work, hope you like it too.
I like lego to be hung on the wall for general viewing. I mean displaying on the shelf or on a surface top is also cool and fun, but most of the time you just casually pass by without noticing it.
This set is exclusively built for me. It’s a kind of set that I would like to build if I have the pieces and time. I designed a classical architecture style facade as a model because it has a style that goes perfectly well on the wall to display along with your other favorite frames.
dimension: 54cm x 61cm (an eye-catching size perfect for wall display)
It contains 1470 pieces, but it can go over 2000 pieces if I revise to add more details.
I see some of the other ideas get crazy votes and gain an easy couple of hundreds on their first voting day. Somehow, I am very far from that situation, but I would love to experience that also.
Hope to see this set on every lego fan's living room wall

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