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Sushi for Them


hi there

I made a sushi truck this time.
In fact, I wanted to show the cocktail truck first, but the policy was forbidden. You are about to change to another item.
Let's start with a sushi truck.
The first thing I noticed was the color of the car.
I made red sushi on a black dish with a color that reminds me of it.
We emphasized the characteristics of seafood dishes by decorating seafood on boats.
On the left side of the chef is sushiroll and fish, on the right is cooked fish, rice cooker and knife.

I had trouble finding flag decorations.
You can find it in the Lego Samurai Series.

A small tank was installed behind the cook.
I can see it outside the car and see the inside.

Your sponsorship will be a great honor for me.

Thank you~