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Star Wars Naboo Command Station


Thank you for viewing my creation!

-"HUGE, THIS IS!" - as the Master would say himself

-Fully functioning sliding main blast doors (16 studs wide!) are extremely smooth to open and close

-Docking bay for any ship you want!  (the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced V1 is used as an example)

-Lookout tower with gunner posts

-Twin stud-shooting turrets

-Barracks for four or more people

-Detailed station control area with room for two or more minifigures

-Very large middle area with room for whatever you want!  (Blue Taskforce truck is separate)

-Conference area table swivels like a Lazy Susan

-High walls provide protection to the valuables inside the station-

-Classic style tan utility truck fits perfectly inside the station with room for more!

-Ion Cannon for enemy ships

-Detailed fuel cell canisters and pump stations for your ship and trucks

-Weapons section has more than 40 different guns and tools!  (about 50 guns total on station)

-Play ability is ENDLESS!!!

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