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Dwarf Hamster

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If you made it to this page, you probably realize what LEGO Ideas is missing: a hamster. This noble rodent, who enjoys a life of simple pleasures such as eating and sleeping and then eating some more, is known to be a universal source of joy and amusement to people of any age. And this 9 cm tall, highly accurate (includes the tail) hamster figurine will brighten up your day by simply sitting at your desk, without need for all the cage & bedding business.The Dwarf Hamster is also pretty economical when it comes to food consumption, will only occasionally engage in evil world domination plots, and comes with poseable ears and whiskers. You can even open him up to use as a small box for storage, perhaps to store a little snack for later - just don't be surprised when you discover that it has mysteriously disappeared!

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