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Lego Batcave Playset


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Lego Batcave Playset

Introducing the Lego Batcave Playset for all your Batman needs. This set has lots to offer and will be a great playset for batman fans of all ages. Below are a list of features that are part of the set

  • Bat computer section with screens and chair.
  • Batsuit and gadgets display section.
  • Staircase up to the top door in the cave to give the effect of Wayne manor being on the other side.
  • Batmobile area with launch ramp. just roll the Batmobile forward and it will head down the ramp out the Batcave.
  • Batboat area with its own exit in the water.
  • Batwing section at the top of the Batcave with exit ramp.

I have tried to keep the size of this set small but make sure there is also plenty of features levels and access ensuring sections of the set have easy access and making sure that the set is sturdy.

The set will come with the following Minifigs

1 Batman Minifig

1 Alfred Minifig

1 Robin Minifig

1 Batgirl Minifig

Also the following Batman vehicles 

1 Batmobile

1 Batboat

1 Batwing

This allows many play scenarios and hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

The base for the set is a 48x48 base plate so it is easy to store away and does not take up much room and has 769 pieces.

I hope you all enjoy this Batcave Playset I have created and I look forward to hearing all your feedback.

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