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Boats by the Bay


This model is based off of a boat house/repair shop. There was a real life building that inspired me, but the store had gone out of buisness. The story had white walls, much like this model, and was placed near the docks and wharfs. This model includes 3 minifigures. Two fishermen (one land-based and the other a boat fisherman) and what would be the store owner/employee. This model includes one motorboat, the boat repair/store building, and a dock with lots of crates and boxes. The boat house/repair store has an interior first and second floor with lots of detais. The first floor includes a cashier, repair tools and more accessories. The second floor (reachable by the wooden ladder) includes and armchair, a lamp and a television, whilst the exterior portion of the second floor hold a telescope, more boxes and some diver fins (along with some letters and a bottle of water) The final section of the dock holds even more boxes, a fishnet and a hidden treasure map. (did you find it amoungst the equipment?). 

This model was very loosely inspired by a lighthouse project I saw on Lego ideas (by Robenanne) which was an amazing model. This was more of a free build for me, as I usually enjoy building detailed projects to a Lego minifig scale. 


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