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Classic Teardrop Trailer

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Hi guys, and welcome to my latest project! 

Get ready to go camping in this Lego version of a Teardrop Trailer. It is a bit larger than minifigure scale, but I wanted it to be a playable set. It took me a few days to get this whole thing done. Inside it, you will find a small kitchen and a table for eating. The table is removable and you can insert a piece to make it a minifig-scale bed. As you can see, I used two radio tiles to make the stove. I saw it a while back and thought it would be cool to incorporate it. On the fron, I did my best to make a lego propane tank. 

With 195 pieces in total, this project would probably not be very expensive. Also, you can hook it up to a number of lego vehicles. Do you think I should add a hitch to the back of the trailer? If so, let me know in the comments and I will try to do my best! 

I hope to be able to make a version with real legos in the future. If you liked this project, be sure to leave a comment and to share this among family and friends! Have a happy New Year, and Brick On!

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