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Medieval Stone Throwing Trebuchet

This fully functional Lego version of a counterweight stone throwing machine can hurl bricks over a large distance. It comes equipped with a pair of treadmills for efficient lowering of the throwing arm, a ratcheting winch and a quick release trigger. Minifigs can reach the top of the machine by climbing the ladders on the side. Please watch the movie below to see it in action.

The tip of the throwing arm is adjustable to achieve different trajectories. Range can be set by varying the distance that the arm is lowered.

To supply the machine with stones to throw, a carriage is included. It is drawn by a team of oxen and has room for two minifigs. Stones can be unloaded from the hinged ramp at the rear.

A pavillion tent with campsite completes the set. The tent can be opened on a hinge to acces the interior. The campsite consists of a cooking fire and a weapons rack.

I had a lot of fun designing the octagonal shapes of both the treadmill and the pavillion tent. Making the triangular frame of the trebuchet fit neatly together was also an interesting challenge. Of course the coolest experience is when the physics behind this mechanism come together as planned. All parts are original lego, including the strings and the counterweight.

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