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Steven Universe - Garnet BrickHeadz

What is it?
It's a BrickHead inspired in the character Garnet from Steven Universe.

Why did you build it?
Steven Universe is one of my favorites tv series and I don't see many brick build products (McFarlane made some, but they don't have the best quiality and probably not making them anymore), so I decided to build a main character from the series in BrickHeadz style. I choose Garnet because of the color of the parts I had and I really liked the result, and even I add her the Together Breakfast accesory. I had to apply custom stickers in 4 pieces, but it was totally necessary to give her the right appearance.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
The series in general doesn't have many toys or collectibles, so I think that it would be desired for Fans from the show as well people who likes building toys.

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