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LEGO Handboard Skateboard

The ultimate LEGO Hand Board Skateboard experience! Now you can build your own tech deck style board, only bigger and better, while selecting your own colors. Use your hands to create freestyles moves and challenging skateboarding tricks, all in the comfort of your own home or on the go. No helmet required! Perfect weather, not necessary. Can play anytime… rain or shine. Built to resemble and work like the real thing. Has trucks that swivel and wheels that roll. Built to give the skateboard athlete in all of us a fun experience without the risk of injury. A great LEGO toy to use on your own or have competitions with friends. One to as many players as you would like. Not only do you build your LEGO set, you reap the benefits of your own building talent and the ultimate reward is playing with it versus just observing its qualities and having it sit on a shelf. It’s the fun, freestyle, fate of skate.

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