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A Medieval Micro Scene


     Here is the medieval micro scene I have been working on!  It includes: The Old Tower, The Grassy Plains, The Dark Forest, The River of Crystal Waters, The Great Waterfall, The Mighty Cliffs, and The Dragon's Cave! (Note: All of the names that I am using are made up.  This model is not supposed to be from anything. Also, the reason there is no dragon in this scene is because it is fast asleep in its cave, and has not been seen for thousands of years.) This model is full of all sorts of small details: from the dark gray cheese slopes that give The Mighty Cliffs a nice look and jagged texture, to the two technic bushings that make up the main part of the tower.

      The reason I built this model is because I really enjoy building micro-scale models.  One day I was in my room thinking of what I could build, and I just had this great picture in my head of this medieval scene.  I decided to build a micro scale model of it, and here it is! 
     I think this model would make a great Lego set because the medieval and Castle theme have always been a big part of Lego.  I think this model would also make a great display piece because it isn't too big, but it has a nice black border and includes seven different places.  It looks very peaceful and nice, and I think it would make the perfect model for any fan of Lego, the medieval times, or of micro-scale models.

    I hope you like my model, and I hope you will please support it!   

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