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The Tangram

Shape puzzles have been recorded from over 2000 years ago, however this specific design dates back to the 18th century. The seven-piece Chinese puzzle can be used to create a near infinite number of patterns!

I have 2 different options:
The first idea includes four color sets, so you and three friends can compete to see who can create any specific design the fastest!
The second idea is just a standard set of seven pieces. Figure out all the puzzles solo!

With included puzzle templates, either in a booklet or on a card deck, there are so many shape possibilities to be seen! Using outline-only patters, the goal is to replicate each pattern using all seven pieces without any overlap.

Building the puzzle box and each set of shapes not only encourages hands-on play, but the extended possibilities with the puzzle itself brings a lifetime of mind-building fun and creativity!

I love sharing all aspects of the LEGO system through what I create, and it is my dream (like many others) to be a LEGO Product designer. This project will help make that a reality.


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