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Protector of the Earth

This LEGO set is for fans of sci-fi and very unusual robots.
After all, how often do you see a giant robot (mech?) carrying an entire palace on its back?

Years ago, I saw a graphic depicting a combination of a castle and a machine and since then the possibility of creating something like that has been on my mind. I couldn't resist the idea of creating something that would combine architecture and robot.

After all building this impressive machine with LEGO was a lot of fun, but also a huge challenge considering it was all hand-assembled piece by piece slowly evolving into what you can see now.

The Protector of The Earth has this name for a reason - his possibilities are unlimited and anyone who finds himself within the walls of his palace can feel safe.

  • The Protector of The Earth is a tall, massive machine carrying the entire structure on its shoulders;
  • The Protector of The Earth has a palace permanently attached to his back, powerful tools instead of hands that allow him to overcome terrain obstacles which, despite his large legs, he is unable to cross, massive legs into which those looking for shelter can hide by entering them through the - designed for this purpose - stairs;
  • On his back it has the machinery attached to power generator responsible for powering him;
  • Features lots of movable parts, including arms, legs, turrets, and even an opening gate on the other side of the palace;
  • Behind opening gate Protector of The Earth is carrying a small flying vehicle;

Lego is great for building all kinds of mech's, robots and buildings, but combining all these elements into one set will be something completely new nad exciting.

Hope you like it!

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