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Modular Dunkin' Donuts


Do you love Dunkin' Donuts? If you answered yes, this project is for you! It's a modular Dunkin' Donuts that goes along perfectly with the other modular buildings. It contains 1,266 pieces and 7 minifigures.

The first floor is filled with goodies such as some chairs, tables, a coffee machine, donut boxes, coffee cups, a soda fridge, shelves of different types of coffee, and lots of donuts! Go up to the second floor and you'll find the residence of the manager. Up there you get chairs, a fireplace, a nice bed, a dresser, and a desk with a computer. There's even a balcony! Then take the stairs to access the roof for a rooftop picnic. On top of the building there's a picnic table, a grill so you can cook up some hot dogs, and ketchup and mustard bottles.

On the outside of the shop, there are some tables and benches so that you can enjoy a delicious donut outside, and a street light. Out back there's a shiny silver garbage can.

The 7 minifigures include 2 Dunkin' Donuts employees, the Dunkin' Donuts manager, a mom, a dad, a son, and a daughter. They all include the classic LEGO smiley face just like all the other modular sets, as seen in the pictures.

I hope you like my project. If you do, please support it. Thanks for viewing!

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