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The Avengers Shawarma Break


It has been a habit probably for every Marvel Movie Fan just like me to wait for the post credits scenes. Most post credits scene would be like an easter egg or a hint on the next Marvel Movie. Some would be like a romantic ending for characters. And some just like this lego re-enactment is just as seriously hilarious and memorable one.

The post credit - Shawarma joint scene of the Avengers movie is an iconic one.

See here

The Scene comprises the 6 Avengers heroes - Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Thor and Clint Barton eating Shawarma at a nearby joint after the Battle of New York.

And so I thought that it would be awesome if Lego would also do a re-enactment of the scene - diorama style (and would probably be the first set that would feature all 6 heroes in one set - though bruce banner is not in the "green bigfig mode").

So there. C-L-I-C-K Support.

Thank you

Updates is yet to come, will try to dressing them in their real Avengers Outfit.

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