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Fudge Shop


This is the Pharmacy's counterpart: The Fudge Shop. The Fudge Shop and the Pharmacy are modeled after one building with a single business on its top floor, and I originally started building them as one project but then realized that it would be too many pieces. So, I decided to split the building into two separate projects.

The minifigs include two employees of the fudge shop, two customers, and two business people.

The first floor contains the fudge shop, the staircase, and the elevator to the second floor. There is also the fudge shop's kitchen behind the actual store part of the shop. Underneath the staircase is a store room for the second floor. Half way up the staircase is a bathroom with an outside wall that opens for greater access and a removable section of floor so that part of the storage room underneath it can be accessed as well. Also, the landing on the staircase can be removed in two sections to access the other part of the storage room and part of the fudge shop’s kitchen. The top section of the staircase can also be removed to gain more access to the kitchen.

The second floor is a private office area with four cubicles. Each cubicle has a computer and a swivel chair. There is also a large table in the front of the room with three chairs and a water dispenser for hot and cold water next to it. Next to the water dispenser is a coffee machine with a coffee cup.

Hope you enjoy the second project of my small-town main street models!

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