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Unicorn Gundam


     I've always liked how Gundam robots looked (especially this one); however, they are very fragile and always break. This Lego replica of the Unicorn Gundam that I have created not only looks great -- it is also very sturdy. It comes with a variety of different acsessories and weapons that I have listed below along with an excelent looking display base. This amazing model is perfect for collectors, Gundam fans,  and robot fans in general.  


  • rotatable head and bycepts
  • Mixel style ball-jointed shoulders, legs, and feet
  • hinged skirts and side skirts
  • alternate arm attachment for shield
  • highly posable display base


  • beam saber 2x
  • hyper bazooka
  • sheild
  • detachable beam saber hilt (on backpack) 2x


  • detachable back-pack (jet-pack)
  • Unicorn Gundam pilot (Banagher Links) nano-figure

!Thank you for your time and support!

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