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Rock 'N' Roll Radio

My set is dedicated to one of the most iconic movements in music, namely rock and roll! I tried to make it in the style of a two-in-one set. But, more about that.

About the set
The frame of the set is a box stylized as a small vintage radio. There are station selection wheels, volume buttons, and of course a stylized speaker window. 

The second part of the set is a diorama inside the radio. I tried not to take a specific band, and collected some image of classic rock bands of 50-60 years. There is something from the Beatles, something from Chuck Berry and so on. Inside the radio box is designed like a stage, with spotlights, microphones and a drum kit. And what kind of music the band will play depends only on your imagination).

I think that this set will be interesting to all fans of rock and roll, and will be just a beautiful decoration of your interior. Well and of course, the main idea of this set is that it doesn't matter on what device you listen, but what kind of people and what kind of music is created there!

Thank you for your attention and support! Rock and roll, everybody! 

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