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Dr Seuss "Green Eggs and Ham" Train


I love Lego, and so do you.

Build this train, and yell "Choo Choo".


Most of us know and love the iconic childrens books published by "Dr Seuss". Of all the books he published, "Green Eggs and Ham" is one of the most popular. 

In this Ideas submission, I've tried to capture the classic caricature style illustrations of the train that bounces, weaves and crashes it was across the pages of the story.

I was originally inspired to recreate this after many nights of sitting and reading "Green Eggs and Ham" over and over to my youngest son. Lego Trains and toy trains in general have been a long cherished toy amongest children and adults alike, but until now all the Lego trains officially produced have been a real world representation of real trains. Viewing the MOC's of other train loving AFOL's around the world one can easily see the popularity of some special creations such as a Disney Princess themed Train displayed at Lego fan events.

Like all Dr Seuss stories, the iconic train from "Green Eggs and Ham" is sure to strike a chord in the hearts of Children, Adults, AFOL's and even Dr Seuss fans without a specific Lego interest. 


Model Facts:

  • Currently the MOC uses approximately 350 pieces.
  • I have chosen not to include any minifugres at the moment as I could not find any currently available that would adequately represent "Sam-I-Am", the "Fox-In-Sox, (in the box)" or any other iconic Dr Seuss charactures such as "the Cat in the Hat", "Thing 1 and Thing 2", etc. In my mind I evisage either minifigures with new heads that slip over the top of a standard minifigure torso (SpongeBob style) or even better would be characters prduced in a "Fabuland" proportion style.
  • The train is currently based on a 4 stud wide design. One of the most obvious visual cues for the illustrated train is the white wheels positioned cartoon style on the outside of the engine and carriage. This still allows the use of characters to be inserted inside the model but may be a little tight to customise and add power functions etc. This really focuses this model to be a static display or a simpler child push-and-play style of train, similar to the loved Lego push trains of the 1970's and early 1980's. It may actually represent a cost effective entrance to Lego Trains for younger generations, a segment that is no longer available with all currently available being supplied with "Power Functions".

Future proposed Updates:

  • I am already revising the boiler design to better reflect the caricature illustration style of the original. This requires some extensive SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques to resolve effectively. 
  • Having shown this Idea to other train loving AFOL's it was suggested there may be issues with the fixed axle design progressing through corners easily. Due to that suggestion, I plan on revising the chassis to incorporate at least one moving axle on the engine.
  • the only other area I plan on revising is the roof of the carriage. I would love for this to be a little more curved in profile so I will be experimenting to see how i can achieve my desired result before future updates.


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