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Octan Lands on the Moon First?

What if the moon landings were faked? What if, octan actually landed on the moon first? We may never know...

Hello! If you haven't read the title, (like me) this the octan rocket landing on the moon. The inspiration for this idea come a couple months ago and I have finally created it in legos. Specifications: 215 pieces including one 2012 bruce wayne minifigure. The model is 16 studs deep, 26 wide, and 28.3 studs tall. The octan rocket and flag are removable from the baseplate. I decided to use 2012 bruce wayne because of his appearance in the octan business meeting in The Lego Movie (2014) You can technially fit a minifigure inside the rocket but I didn't design it that way. I hope you enjoy this build! It was extremely fun to design and build. Oh, and fell free to check out my other builds. :-)

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