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Fire Truck Tiller


Fire Truck Tiller

Inspired by US fire trucks (not the exact copy of real fire truck).

6 bricks wide construction ideal for LEGO City. 

The major features are:

- Rotatable and adjustable ladder. 

- Rotatable connection between truck and tiller.

- Lights can be adjusted.

- Many equipments (two fire extinguishers, drum for hose, axe, cirkular saw, hammer, fork key, tools, breathing air + mask). 

- Two adjustable "legs" for good stability during rotation of the ladder (like in real fire truck).

- Three fireman mini figs.

- Very real look with perfect playability.

Bricks total: 635 
Price: cca 63 €

I hope you will like it and give it plenty of votes and support.

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Many thanks

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