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The Dinosaur


I made this creation at first as a though of my little nephew, he likes dinosaurs but, the toys that he played with, always seem too, real it looks almost like they were going to eat him, as an teenager i know it wouldnt happen, but the toys were also not welcoming to play with, hard, wierd texture on it, and they didnt even move anything not tail not foot not even a neck, so i came with an idea to build a dinosaur that is more enjoyable by little kids, they can build their toys becuase it made from lego, and the toy made so it would look welcoming to play, i left the distinguishing features of a dinosaur, the big body, the teeth and the eyes, but i did some changes to make it welcoming for kids it is a green Dinosaur that is something i see interpreted in kids shows with Dinosaurs, and i also gave him moving features such as legs tail nect and arms and jaw.

So to sum it up, i made it as a toy for kids to play with, not as a real Dinosaur but as a real toy, and that means, so they could enjoy playing with it, hope to get support from the community and thank you all who does support me.

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