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Megas XLR


    I dig giant robots! You dig giant robots! We dig giant robots! Chicks dig giant robots! Do you remember this words ? Yes, correct, this is from cartoon "Megas XLR" !

    "Megas XLR" - this is a cartoon which I liked to watch when I was a kid. That's why i made this set. I think this set will be interesting for all generations and even for  collectors.

   As you can see Megas can move his arms, legs and other details. He also has rockets and cannons. In my opinion this set will be more colorful with prints or stickers, but I couldn’t  do that, because I didn't have opportunity.  Also I would like to see main characters : Coop, Kiva and Jamie.

   To make this set I spent 4-5 day ,3-5 hours a day.I used programm "LDD", because I haven't got  necessary pieces.  The set consists of over 300 LEGO bricks.

   Please support me, if you want to see this set in sale .

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