Product Idea |


The playground is devided into the main section and then the set´s you can ad to it.
Every object functions like it would on a real playground.
For now, theres the main section and 7 sets to add. and more will be coming

The main section has a slide, fireman pole, crossing bridge and wall climbing.

1st set, the see saw, shown in the 3 sand color squares.
2nd set, is a pack snd colored bricks. Including a kid, a bucket and a shovel, and about 80 bricks. as shown the kid already have build a sand castle, and the possibillitys are endless, since new packs of different types of brick can be packages added to this project. Background is shown in blue for better illustration.

Top row is the merry-go-round set.
Buttom row, is the tube set. On real playgrounds this would be made of iron or plactic or cement. i chose the iron one.

The glider. how big its gonna be, depends on how long you make the cord.
In buttom right corner is just the main section shown again.

Top row is a swing set.
Buttom row, is a picknick table, 2 moms with babys, looking after the kids playing.

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