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The Balrog Battle


Receate one of the most epic duals of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Balrog Battle! Battle the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad Dum, through the depths of Moria, and slay it upon the heights of Zirak-zigil with Gandalf the Grey.

This is a recreation of the Balrog based off the one from the LEGO Lord of the Rings video game. It is more possible then the video game version though because I used the new joint pieces for his rists. His knees however do not bend nor does his neck. The wings would be replaced with the new wings made for Smaug.

I didn't add the bridge because that would make the set to "expensive". This makes it more appealing to LEGO and gives it the best chance of making it past the review stage.


I tried to keep this model as set like as possible.


  • Possible limbs

  • Opening Wings (~19in/~48.5cm wingspan)


  • Gandalf the Grey

  • Balrog (brick built)

Piece count: 287 (This is not final it is just how many I used)


If you think of something you think this project needs let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this project!


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