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Jazz Club

The Jazz Club is the new music hotspot of LEGO City! This multi-storey model sits on a 32x32 baseplate, and is jam-packed with fun details and stories:

  • The ground floor hosts a trendy jazz club inspired by the bustling music scene of 1930s New York. Inside the jazz club you will find a large stage for the musicians, tabled seating, and room to dance.

  • The upper floor houses a stylish jewellery store filled with sparkly and expensive exhibits. The jewellery store also has an adjoined workshop, where the jeweller can fashion, inspect, and repair items of jewellery with their specialised tools.

  • The upper floors can be reached through an annexed stairwell, which also provides roof access. A crate filled with a rope and a crowbar appear to have been left on the roof. Very convenient for someone who plans on acquiring some of the jeweller's fancy collection without paying...

  • Minifigures include a double bassist, saxophonist, pianist, waiter and jeweller. Additional accessories include a saxophone, as well as a brick-built double bass and upright piano.

Music has always played an integral role in my relationships with my family and friends, and so this project was the perfect opportunity to combine my 10 years of playing double bass (yes I'm the double bassist minifigure), with my lifelong passion of LEGO! Music and LEGO are so important to me because they celebrate creativity, expression, and story-telling, and so I think the Jazz Club is the perfect addition to any LEGO City.

Thank you for viewing this project. If this is something that excites you, I would love your support, and please share remember to share with your friends!

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