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Back to the Future Time Train


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This is my version of the Back to the Future Part III Time Train.

Back to the Future is one of the most iconic movie triologys in History.
In my opinion the Delorean and the Time Train are two of the best movie vehicles.
So I have created the Time Train from Back to the Future III.

This set has all functions of the movie Train.
You can open the doors like in the movie and when the Train drives the superstructures on the boiler rotate.
When you switch the train in the Fly Mode you can fold the wheels down without loss of other Functions.
The Train also have the wings like the original Train.
When the train is in the Train Mode the wings are in the boiler.
In the Fly Mode you can fold the wings outwards.

The set includes Doc Emmet L. Brown, Clara Clayton, Jules Brown, Verne Brown, Marty McFly,
Jennifer Parker and the dog Einstein.

Train Features:
- Opening Wings (Fly Mode)
- Conforms to LEGO Track Systems

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