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Salamander Destroyer

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The Salamander Destroyer, this small and fast go-to ship of the Galactic Congregation Navy was designed by Salazar Ysabel and Timothy Holt who made a handsome sum in selling the design to the Congregation who later had the craft produced by Alandra Schematics. The Salamander was built to be a light-footed attack vessel sizable enough to pose a fair threat against enemy warships and small enough to be mass-produced. Though it can't take as much damage as the Visier or Regor without having to be dropped into a shipyard for a few weeks, it can deliver an impressive quota of damage with its pair of swivelling dual cannons mounted on the sides and its prized railgun mounted on the top.

The Salamander can almost always be found with a Samet Support Ship to protect the Destroyer with its own set of single cannons.

Hope you all enjoy this model!

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