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Mountain River

I’ve created the first LEGO landscape that people could actually purchase that I’ve ever seen, and it inspires daydreams!

My mountain is completely original and uses many shades of blue to create a river effect unlike any other. The mountain is made of LEGO pieces that are brand new and some are from unique sets including sets from the 80s and castle sets to create an incredible mountain aesthetic. It all fits perfectly on a single LEGO base sheet. I was a professional snowboarder and stare at this mountain and daydream. That’s the point of it: to inspire a daydream. Trees and a ski lift can and probably should be added, so I figured LEGO could figure that part out. It’s awesome! It’s the first LEGO landscape I’ve ever seen. I have the trees, but wanted you and LEGO to daydream and see where you’d put them. It’s a landscape like a glacier; a platform for details to be added if you want. People can add what they want to the mountain. I’ve been wanting to build it since I was six.

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