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[R] Tempesta GT-1


May I present to you, my fictional GT-1 Racecar, the Tempesta GT-1 V8. 

It consists of nearly 1000 bricks, size is compareable to the LEGO F40.

Power comes from a mid-layout engine, a powerful quick responding 5.6 Liter normally aspirated V8 with well over 600 horsepower. Air inlets behind each door and a small inlet on the roof provide the engine with air for cooling and combustion. The small red rear snorkels on each side syphon air to the rear brakes to keep them cool.

The front splitter, rear wing and the underbody diffusor team up to give the car aerodynamical downforce to make the car stick to the surface through tight and twisty bends. A lightweight low drag carbon fiber chassis allows the car to quickly reach high speeds on the straights.

And last but not least a racing-typical spartanic interior and a sturdy rollcage make up the drivers office, providing both protection and the neccessary controls to handle this beast of a car.

I hope you like my creation - if you do please support it - and do not hesitate to leave a comment. :D



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