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Dennis the Menace: Mr. Wilson's House

Dennis the menace: "He's armed...He's adorable and he's out of school for the entire summer." 
When his parents must go out of town for a business trip and nobody wants to babysit him, Dennis stays with the married pensioner couple in the neighbourhood, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. As usual, the little guy is driving Mr. Wilson crazy, but he's really just a warm hearted kid trying to help. Regardless of any unintentional prank he pulled he will melt Mr. Wilson's heart and catch a thief pillageing the neighborhood on the way. 
Dennis the menace is a family comedy movie from 1993. (this year is it's 30th anniversary) 

Set consists of 2996 pieces. Mr. Wilson's house has 3 floors and contains the main iconic premises seen in the movie. Furnitures and other stuff laying around in the 3 floors to get the scenes as movie accurate as possible and to give the opportunity to recreate the fan favourite parts of the movie.  
There is a small filagory on the back of the house holding Mr. Wilson's long time cherished flower.  

Characters included
-Dennis Mitchell
-Margaret Wade
-Henry Mitchell
-Alice Mitchell
-Mr. Wilson (George)
-Mrs. Wilson (Martha)
-Switchblade Sam

I really hope you like my design for this Ideas project and help me make it a real set!

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