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Noble Knights Treasure


Protect MY GOLD screams the wealthy knight!

The Noble Falcon Knight and his elite guards are traveling the forests to bring a huge treasure to aid their kingdom.

But beware of the many thieves lurking in the woods.

Defend your gold and deliver it to your home.


On one of the pictures you can see a proposal of the Falcon Knights soldier torso print with the metalic silver erb printed on black torso. All the figures could have thematically printes torso with a Falcon Logo.

The big chest is carried by 8 strong soldiers because all the gold is so heavy!
The little weapon cart is managed by one knight with a small chest with some top quality wine, key from the big chcest and few jewels and a golden wedding ring for the princess.

This set includes a total of 10 minifigures, owl and 1 knights horse.

And lots and lots of GOLD, 2 chests, barrel and basic armory to defend it.

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