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Swat Team vs Bandits


                                                                              Swat Team vs Bandits

 In mere seconds the Bandits are going to grabbed by the long arm of the law! The Swat Team is going to bust through their front door and bring them to justice! Using their pwerful mechanized battering ram they will demolish their hideout and whisk them away to a life behind bars. You see, they have robbed people of their cash and jewelry. The cash is on the table and the diamonds are in the safe. All prime evidence!

 The hideout is constructed in a way which is loosley conected. The doors and windows are three seperate modules and the wall is one. It is no match for the ram!

 There are four Swat Team members and three Bandits. I wanted to design a set that would be fun to play with and have a cool vehicle and some neat minifigures.




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