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The Hobbit: Troll Barbecue


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The dwarfs and the Hobbit got caught by the Trolls Tom, Bert and William.

No it's up to the wizard Gandalf to save them before they get roasted and eaten!

Let Gandalf split the rock so that the first sunbeams of the morning turn the trolls into stone!

After that explore the Troll hoard and find the legendary sword Glamdring and the dagger sting.


The whole set features:

  • A campfire with barbecue grill
  • A tree
  • The Troll hoard with the legendary sword Glamdring and the dagger sting (it also includes bones, rubbish on the floor and a cobweb)
  • The 3 brick-built Trolls Tom, Bert and William
  • A rock with splitting function
  • 6 minifigs: Bilbo, Balin, Dwalin, Bofur, Bombur and Gandalf the Grey.

I was surprised that Lego didn't produce this as a set because it's a really thrilling and funny scene of the film.

To change this please support, comment and share this project!


I also want to thank Anduin1710 for the excellent pictures.

Anduin1710 is a passionate Lego LOTR builder.

Make sure to check out his projects here:

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I hope you like my project!

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