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Luxury Tour Yacht


The complete model has 737 bricks while the yacht alone has 530 bricks. I was playing with my brother when he got the Lego Creator Cruising Adventures and it inspired me to build a yacht of my own. I built this with the legos I had in my room, then later built it on Digital Designer. I've had experience with building MOC's before, but this one was by far my best. The Yacht is equipped with a queen sized bed at the bow, the cockpit below the front window, a kitchen just behind the cockpit, a bar, and a living space. A jetski fits snugly behind the radar tower and there is a luggage compartment below the driver seat. The elegant fins on the side window go straight back to the rear platform and the front window has a perfect placement to compliment the top sitting area. I've tried very hard in building this but I need your help in making this a reality.

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