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International Acrobats


Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

If this makes it through the Ideas process become a set, I would request the "1% of net sales given to the creator" be donated directly to the Navy Marine-Corps Relief Society.  The CMCRS "helps Sailors, Marines, and their families rebuild, relocate, and recover.  The donation will support families experiencing financial difficulties due to deployments, family emergencies, and other hardships of military life."


Microfigure jets

Working on updating all of the jets to not only make them look sleeker, but to allow microfigures to fit into the cockpits as well.  The new model has 133 pieces vs. 96 in the old:


Updated base

Here's an updated base with pieces that allow for a wall mount for a 3D Lego picture that pops right out of your wall!  One plate with clouds in the background.  Lighting in the second picture is bad, I'll try and get a better one.


Thunderbird body and nose

Here's some changes to the under carriage of the Thunderbird to help with that distinct look.  First image is more dominate, second doesn't stick out as much.  Third has the landing gear added to it.  Fourth is alternate noses (there's not a whole lot you can do at this scale with Lego bricks; larger scaled jets would require a lot more pieces and be less likely to make it through the review process...though as some have pointed out the micro scale isn't all that popular here anyway.  We'll see how it turns out).


Thunderbird nose cone/data probe.

One suggestion with the new nose was to keep the probe.  Here's what it looks like before and after the added nose cone.  The probe/lightsaber piece still has room to move back so its not nearly as exposed.  It definitely gives the jet a longer appearance with it sticking out more.


Alternate Thunderbird nose

Mod one: (Added the red cone, changed landing gear position and changed pieces in the front that connect the nose to the rest of the jet)
Mod two: (only change from the original is the red cone on the end).


Alternate Snowbird nose


Alternate base color scheme

I received a suggestion to change the base plate so I made a little modification to it.  Changed the green base to light blue for the sky, changed the clear stand to white for a cloud/smoke stream effect and added the "icecream" brick for a little cloud effect.

Here's an idea of what the Blue Angel would look like with one of the two different bases.


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Here's an updated Snowbird, the wing was meant to be white.  I still think this one could use some improvement to look more like that actual jet.  Still toying around with some Ideas.

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