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Good Mythical Morning! - A Day on the Set


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Good Mythical Morning is a YouTube web show hosted by the ever-amusing Rhett and Link. The show has run from 2012 to the present, and has remained very popular since it's premiere, with episodes appearing on the YouTube trending page nearly every week. Since finding it online several years ago, I have enjoyed keeping up with it and watching the show grow. It has reach with kids, teenagers, young adults, and even adults (my mother likes the show a lot), mostly due to Rhett and Link's fantastic chemistry. Because of this popularity, I decided to submit a model based on the show's set!

This set was built with the intention of showcasing a detailed LEGO version of the real-life set. Notable inclusions are the LEGO versions of the Rhett and Link bobble-heads, the guitars on the walls, and (my personal favorite) the Chia Lincoln bust behind Link. 

The set features a very detailed recreation of the GMM set, built from 400 pieces, with a removable desk, chairs, tables and drawers. A film camera and a boom mic is also included. Five minifigures also come with the build; Rhett, Link, Stevie (Executive Producer), Chase (Producer) and Josh (Mythical Chef).

As stated above, Good Mythical Morning is an immensely popular web show with all age groups. I believe the popularity of the show is enough to warrant a LEGO set, even a display piece like the one I've designed. I hope you all think so as well, and with your support this could become a real set!

Be your Mythical best.

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