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1980 Lotus Esprit Essex Turbo


Recently LEGO has focused on newer sport car models, I think they should focus on a line of mini-figure sized sports cars that are classic by nature, or could be called "Classic Champions sets". The 1980 Lotus Esprit Essex Turbo would be an excellent addition to LEGO products, which would allow LEGO to venture into new territory of old exotic rather than focusing on all the new super cars(mini-figure scale wise). This British sport car has a dry-sump type 910 engine, with a staggering 210 ft-lb of torque and 200 bhp, 0-60mph in 6.21 seconds, thus making this particular beauty one of the fastest supercars of its time! This car would make any mini-figure's dream come true! 


-mini-figure scale

-includes two mini-figure: 1.)Business man 2.) Business man's wife

-iconic car

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