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Saint Petersburg's Winter Palace (Hermitage Museum)

The Hermitage is one of the most stunning art museums in the world. A part of the Hermitage is housed in the Winter Palace, which I recreated with LEGO bricks. 1965 bricks to be precise. I've only created a part of the front of the building, because the palace itself is enormous.

On the front you can see the beautiful white gold columns. The three gates are also present, as are the many windows. A number of statues can also be seen on top of the roof. Beside the magnificent front of the palace, there is of course the beautiful interior. If you turn the structure 180 degrees, you can open a number of rooms. There are six in total, each representing a specific existing room of the museum. At the bottom left, we see the Room of the Art of Georgia, with a number of display cases and the recognizable checkered floor. Above it, lies the 18th-Century French Art department with two paintings and a sculpture of "Winter". At the top left, we see the Hall of the “Art of Japan of the 18th–19th centuries”. Then we move to the right side. We start again at the bottom. This room represents the Room of the Art of Armenia. The recognizable red-orange color and again a few display cases are present. Above this lies the 18th Century French Decorative and Applied Art department. It contains the beautiful Writing Desk with its artwork. A number of large paintings are also hanging on the wall. To finish, we have one more room, namely the Hall of the “Art of Japan of the 18th–19th centuries”. It is characterized by its many small paintings and a statue.

I have never visited the museum, but I think it is a very inspiring building. This was one of my main reasons to build it. Leave a comment what you think... and if you want to see this as a real set, hit the support button!


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