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MacGyver--Pilot Episode Opening Gambit


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MacGyver is an 80's T.V. show based on the life of a man named MacGyver. 

A few of the first episodes had what was called an opening gambit - like a mini movie before the episode.  This LEGO set is about the opening gambit from the Pilot Episode (also known as Season 1 Episode 1).

In this episode, MacGyver has to disable a missile and free a trapped pilot, but can he do it?  In case you haven't seen it yet, I'm not going to ruin it for you. 

This set would include 6 minifigures: MacGyver with climbing gear, MacGyver with guard uniform, 3 guards, the trapped pilot, a tent, missile, cage, rocks, bunker, crashed plane, a Swiss Army knife (1x2 printed tile) and ice picks (not pictured).

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