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The Psych Blueberry


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Hello All!

Again, Psych is one of my favorite shows, and I decided since my last version of the "Blueberry" didn't make it too far, I figured I would make some revisions and submit it again. This time around I decided to go for a taller look, which may not be totally accurate, I feel gives it an almost comical look to it, like something out of a cartoon version of the show (which by the way would also be a great idea). I was able to also shrink some of the other dimensions as well, it is now only six wide, and i think i knocked of at least 2 studs in length. It should still fit both figures. With the figures, the piece count comes to about 150. Thanks for checking this out and be sure to support, follow and spread the word by sharing it on social media! Thanks for everything!

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