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Tour de France


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Tour de France 

The Tour de France is an amazing event. From the beautiful open countryside, to amazing sea fronts, up the highest and often snow-capped mountains and into small French towns, it is absolutely brilliant. The Tour’s atmosphere is something else. Millions of people from all over the world line the roadside to get a glimpse of the peloton. Particularly up in the high mountains, scenes of riders battling their way through fans are like no other sport.

The physical pain and exertion the riders put themselves through the Tour over three weeks and up to 3,500km is incredible. Over mountains, through rain and reaching high speeds, a rider cannot rest for a single moment on stages that can take over six hours to complete.

And here it is.... in all its LEGO glory capturing some of the iconic moments of Le Tour. 

Yellow  Jersey "Maillot Jaune"

The yellow jersey worn by the overall time leader, and is the most prized jersey. Consistent across all stages be it in the mountains, on the flats or in a time trial they will always be in contention. 

Green Jersey  "Maillot Vert"

The green jersey awarded to the cyclist with the highest number of sprint points. Fast and explosive looking for the stage wins! 

Polk Dot Jersey "Maillot à Pois Rouges"

The winner of the King of the Mountain wears a white jersey with red dots. He loves the tough climbs and the thinning air does not worry him! 

Flamme Rougue "Red Kite" 

The red pennant hanging from an archway at the start of the final kilometer. A welcome sight for all the cyclists in the race! 

Chief Commissaire

The holder of ultimate authority over the event. Making sure the race is fair and under control. Driving his special gold plated SUV. 

The Devil "El Diablo" 

Is a well known cycling fan at the Tour de France and cycling races around the world. Cheering the cyclists on he often appears at the most grueling part of a stage!  

The Fans 

Often camping out for days in a sea of camper vans to secure the best view points, the fans are often seen lining the streets in various costumes cheering the peloton all the way to the finish line. 

The team mates "Domestiques"

 The riders who are required to do the extra work for the leader of their team.

The challengers 

Always pushing and working to beat the yellow jersey, these cyclist will not make it easy for the cyclist in yellow. 

The police 

Keeping the road clear for the peloton to pass through safely. Cruising through on the sleek designed police roadster. 

TV Crew 

Filming the race and streaming to millions of homes worldwide. From the air to capture the picturesque country side and on the road to get a close up of all the competitors. 


This set comes with 16 minifigures

1 x yellow jersey, 1 x green jersey, 1 x polka dot jersey, 2 x team mates cyclists, 2 x challenger cyclists, 1 x chief commissaire, 1 x devil, 6 x fans, 1 x police officer, 3 x TV crew 

7 Bikes 

1 x black, 1 x green, 1 x red, 4 x blue 

5 vehicles 

1 x police car roadser, 1 x camper van, 1 x TV helicopter,  1 x TV motor bike, 1 x commissaire's SUV

Iconic features 

Flamme rougue,

The devil

Camper van

Yellow, Green & Polka Dot jerseys 

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