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What is a nuraghe?
The nuraghe is a prehistoric construction characteristic of Sardinia. The word nuraghe means "pile of stones", that were arranged to form a truncated cone. At the base the larger stones were used and as we proceeded upwards the size of the stones decreased.

What were the nuraghe for?
Scholars still have doubts about the usefulness of these buildings, some say that they were used as a warehouse, or as a defensive tower, but the most interesting theory is that the nuraghe were built according to the position of the stars!

Why did I choose the nuraghe?
I chose the nuraghe because I am very attached to my land, Sardinia, a magnificent island in southern Italy rich in traditions and interesting places. I wanted to build the nuraghe in Lego bricks because it is one of the most iconic symbols of Sardinia and I would like all Lego fans to take home a piece of my "Home".

Thank you all for your support!

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