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Phantasy Realms - Cloud Fortress - Castle in the Sky


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Phantasy Realms

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The set

This set was conceived to be adapted into three different modular parts but ultimately they go together forming the big Cloud Fortress. It has a small cabin to store the gryphons and eagles that fly around the heavenly castle. It also has a small entrance patio where goods and catapult ammo can be stored. There is an interior, accessible through the several hinged outer walls on the lower floor. On the first floor there are two offices and some catapults to defend the sky castle from invaders. And then there is a opened second floor where minifigures can contemplate the neverending horizon. :D

I have not furnished the interior still, though :D

There is also a small cloud connected by a small bridge for when our minifigure friends feel like being alone or they want tell a secret to somebody.


- detailed front door and windows.

- roofs open to reveal inside office and an attic.

- hinged walls reveal interior.



The Story

The Cloud fortress was built to shelter the protectors of the world of Phantasy. When the debris and rocks that resulted from the shattered dragon moon fell upon Phantasy, several wizards and warriors gathered forces  to form a league called the Guardians of the Sky. They were the most powerful beings (humans, elves ,wizards, creatures) in Phantasy and they were told to hold many powers including that of immortality which they only shared centuries later with some of the elven tribes.

They accomplished the task of defending Phantasy but they could not stop the dragons from migrating to the main planet. They knew this would later on create a caos in the balance of life but they thought the dragons were also creatures deserving of a chance to live.

During the defense process they realized they could not return down below as the need for protection was constant and they had become so powerful that siding with one or another realm would mean the utter destruction of the other. So they took the impartial role of Guardians to heart and created a home for themselves - The Cloud Fortress.

This is were the G.O.T.S. live among gryphons and eagles... and people began calling them that. With the passing of time the word evolved and nowadays people refer to them as gods because of the name given and the aura of mythology that surrounded their mystical story. Many believe them to be legend as they have not been seen in millenia.


But they are only biding their time. As the shadow approaches, the G.O.T.S. know they will be called upon once again... but will their power be enough to conquer the coming darkness?


You decide! :D




The Poll :D




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