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Mr. Sausage


What is LEGO ideas all about then?

This is a campaign to produce an official Lego set. Producing fan conceived Lego sets is the point of LEGO ideas. Projects really only have a shot at getting produced if they "go viral" to some extent. So please consider:

- tweeting the project (and tweet again, and again, and again, and...again)
- share on Facebook with all your friends and people you think will be interested in the subject of LEGO
- directly contact esteemed individuals and webpages that are cool enough to talk about the subject or have abig fanbase estabilished.
- Publish it in your tumblr
- Add the image to your instagram
- Comment the project
- Tell all your friends and family at home, school, work.
- ...

Simply put tell everyone about it and encourage them to support the project. Once we reach 10.000 supporters, LEGO cuusoo will then review the project and if it passes, a new LEGO set will be made available to us all.

Thanks for helping us out!



Mr. Sausage

This is a toy developped in collaboration with industrial designer Rute Sousa and it is aimed at a younger audience. There taken under consideration a few issues, namely the type of bricks used, the adequacy of the product to the segment and some security issus concerning the size of the bricks and potential hazards that may arise,


It is a simple toy for kids to assemble in many ways and even adapt with future bricks or sets.

It is a visual experience and seeks to expose kids to colour patterns, being visually apellative and striking.

An excellent way to introduce kids to the fun of LEGO.


On Rute's and my behalf,


thank you for supporting and sharing this idea with others!

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