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Crash Bandicoot: N. Sanity Beach

Some Background:

Hey everyone!  I'm super excited to share with you all my Lego Crash Bandicoot project! For those of you who aren't familiar with the series, Crash Bandicoot is 3D platformer video game series that's been around since its start on the original PlayStation in 1996.  Since then, there's been over 20 games, and the series has had a whole host of spin offs and remakes.  A brand new Crash game in the style of the original trilogy is even coming out this October!

The Model:

As the project's name would suggest, my model is based off of N. Sanity Beach, the first level of the original crash game.  My model contains around 600 pieces, and is completely customizeable.  All the crates (which are new prints for the minecraft head piece) can be rearranged in any way you'd like, the beach and temple sections of the model can detach for better display, and Cortex's hoverboard can be detached from its clear stand.  The set also contains 3 minifigures: Crash, Coco, and Cortex.  A build of Aku Aku is also included, and he can even "float" using a clear pole piece and some bracket pieces.  The crash series contains a lot of really unique character designs, so it took a lot of effort to pull them all off with existing LEGO pieces. I also added a few more little details that are references to the Crash series, like Cortex's ray gun, Coco's laptop, a Wumpa fruit, and a plaque with the series' logo.

Thanks so much for checking out my submission!  I put a lot of hard work into this model, and I hope you'll consider supporting!  If you like my work, definitely feel free to share it or check out some of my other projects!  I'd also appreciate any ideas you have on how I could improve this project in the future!

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